Authentic Custom Made Handwoven Persian Rug Cushions: 

Price: 800 for each cushion.

These cushions are one of a kind which will add a touch of nice design and intrigue to your house. 

I have three 2' by 3' custom made cushions that are made using Nain's rug. The rugs are handwoven with high quality lamb's wool and silk. 

Nain carpets are one of the most beautiful Persian carpets in the world. These fine oriental rugs are being knotted in the region around the city of Nain. They are distinguished by their central medallion and blue-beige color compositions. They are fabricated out of different types of high quality highland wool. Silk is being used for the contouring of the patterns and the detailing of the design.

Authentic Custom Made Handwoven Silk/Wool Persian Rug Cushion